More Powerful Woocommerce Checkout Fields

Yesterday, we rolled out an update for our Woocommerce Checkout Field Manager extension that empowers shop owners even more!  We fixed a few minor bugs that had been reported by a couple customers and we added some great features!

Attach PDF Invoice to Customer Emails in WooCommerce

Since we released the WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slip extension a few days, we’ve already had a chance to upgrade it. The first version of the extension allowed you to generate professional looking pdf invoices and packing slips on the fly for a particular order. You could do this from the order grid as […]

PDF Invoices and Packing Slips for WooCommerce!

We’ve just released a PDF Invoices and Packing Slip Extension for WooCommerce. This has to be one of the most requested extensions we’ve had in a while. Shop owners often worry about the look of their store and online presence, but forget that the impressions they convey to their customer’s carry on even after the […]

FedEx Extension For WooCommerce – New Update 1.2

We just wanted to let the world know that a nice, shiny new update to the FedEx Rates Extension for WooCommerce. Version 1.2 includes ALOT of important updates that will mean your customers will get even more accurate shipping rates when they checkout using FedEx, making this an extremely powerful shipping rates extension for WooCommerce. Version 1.2 for WooCommerce FedEx includes the following updates and fixes:

WooCommerce FedEx Extension Updates

  1. FedEx Debugging
  2. “Individual” box shipments
  3. FedEx Drop-Off type
  4. FedEx Freight Options
  5. Declared Value

Take Control of Woocommerce’s Checkout

The Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce is an awesome new extension that lets you take control of the checkout fields. Not only can you add new fields and collect new customer data for each order, but you can also control pre-existing core fields. With this kind of functionality, you can remove fields that might cause […]

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