FedEx Extension For WooCommerce – New Update 1.2

We just wanted to let the world know that a nice, shiny new update to the FedEx Rates Extension for WooCommerce. Version 1.2 includes ALOT of important updates that will mean your customers will get even more accurate shipping rates when they checkout using FedEx, making this an extremely powerful shipping rates extension for WooCommerce. Version 1.2 for WooCommerce FedEx includes the following updates and fixes:

WooCommerce FedEx Extension Updates

  1. FedEx Debugging
  2. “Individual” box shipments
  3. FedEx Drop-Off type
  4. FedEx Freight Options
  5. Declared Value

1. FedEx Debugging

One of the most important improvements related to the latest release of the WooCommerce FedEx Rates extension is the inclusion of the debug log. When trying to figure out why you’re not getting any rates returned from FedEx, this is going to be your most invaluable tool. If you enable debugging from the extension’s settings tab, a log file of the various FedEx responses, warnings and errors will be written to¬†plugins/sod-woocommerce-fedex/fedex.log. The log will only be written to if you have debugging enabled AND are logged in as an administrator. Debugging should only be used if something is wrong. If everything’s working as expected, please make sure to turn the fedex log off, otherwise your log file will fill up REALLY fast.

2. Individual Box Shipments

Have you every bought / sold stuff online and what you ordered or shipped came in it’s own box? Of course…who hasn’t. Well, this latest feature for the FedEx Rates extension for Woo lets you account for that. When “Individual Packages” are enabled on the settings tab, a new checkbox will appear on the product page (just below the shipping class). If you check the box on the product page, this will tell fedex that this item ships by itself – it’s like per product shipping and FedEx rates combined. What it’s really doing is telling FedEx that you need a multi-piece shipment rate request. For everyone that ships stuff that comes one-to-a-carton, this is really going to be a godsend in terms of getting a more accurate rate quote for the shipment.

3. FedEx Drop-Off Type

This is a quick little setting that was added in the settings page that lets you specify a specific “drop-off” or collection type for your packages.

4. FedEx Freight Options

Let’s say that you sell REALLY BIG stuff and you need to ship it via freight – well now you can. We’ve added FedEx 1, 2 and 3-Day Freight to the list of available services that you can choose from. If you’ve got really heavy items and select any of those freight services from the settings section, you’re customers will now be presented with rate quotes for those services. Note: *FedEx Freight is designed for packages over 150lbs. Currently, this is a very basic Freight rating system. It shouldn’t be relied upon if you requests require special freight delivery options which wouldn’t be included in the freight rate request, but could add to the cost of the shipment once it was placed. If you have any questions about what the FedEx Freight Rates can do or if you have specific freight requirements, feel free to contact us first to make that it will work for your needs

5. Declared Value

Sometimes the value of the shipment will impact the cost to shipment. If you check this option in the settings tab, the value of the items in the cart will be set as the declared value for the rate request.
We think that there’s been a lot of good stuff that have been added to the last couple of releases to the FedEx extension for WooCommerce and we look forward to adding some really cool stuff in the not so distant future.

WooCommerce FedEx Extension – $49