4 More Jigoshop Extensions!

As Jigoshop continues to evolve and grow so do the number of extensions that we’ve released for this pretty awesome WordPress shopping cart. This week saw the release of Jigoshop 1.2.2 which fixed a couple of bugs and signaled a pretty big push forward for the Jigoshop development team as well. While they’ve been busy cranking away code to make the Jigoshop Core more stable, more flexible and more useful, we’ve been busy creating some pretty cool Jigoshop Extensions to take your shop to the next level. In total, we’ve released 4 new Jigoshop extensions that we feel really are invaluable to running a store based on Jigoshop:

    1. Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager
    2. Jigoshop Per Product Shipping
    3. Jigoshop PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
    4. Jigoshop Infinite Scroll

Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager

We actually released this one a few weeks ago and have been pretty happy with the response we’ve gotten from it. For those unfamiliar with the extension, in short, it lets you take control of the Jigoshop checkout experience. You can add, remove, disable, and move fields in the Jigoshop Checkout process. Plus, not only can you add the standard types of fields like text boxes and checkboxes, but you can also add a date field to the checkout that displays a date-picker when the user enters the field. This type of field is especially nice if you’d like to include a delivery date to the Jigoshop checkout.

View Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager Extension

Jigoshop Per Product Shipping

Another often sought extension is the Per-Product Shipping module for Jigoshop. This shipping method lets you define specifics rates for each product, which is useful if you sell items that have unique shipping requirements. And, not only can you define shipping at the product level, but you can also define shipping rate matrices for each product! Wait, what does that mean? Instead of just saying that it’ll cost $x to ship each product, you can define what the shipping cost is per quantity band. For instance, if someone orders 2 of a specific item, you can say that it’ll cost $5 to ship each one, bringing the shipping total to $10. But, if someone orders 3 or more, each additional item might only add $3 to the total shipping costs – this extension will do that. Take a look at the table to see what I mean:

Product A

Start Qty End Qty Shipping Price
1 1 5.00
2 3 1.00
4 &Up 0.00

See what I mean? Pretty cool right?

View Jigoshop Per Product Shipping Extension

Jigoshop PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

So, you’ve got your online store all setup using Jigoshop and someone places the first order on your site. You check the order and everything looks in place – the item’s in stock, the money’s cleared and you go to get the order ready to ship and pack it all up. But wait! Something’s missing – a professional looking invoice and packing slip to send along with the order. That’s where this handy extension comes in. The PDF Packing Slips and Invoices extension for Jigoshop lets you bulk print or print individual packing slips and invoices in pdf format. The extension’s definitely easy to use, easy to configure and let’s you customize a lot of settings like layout, paper size, logo, return information and more. Definitely worth it for any serious Jigoshop shop owner.

View Jigoshop PDF Invoices and Packing Slips Extension

Infinite Scroll

Rounding up the extension release is a REALLY cool UI extension for Jigoshop – Infinite Scroll! What’s infinite scroll you ask? Well, if someone is looking at a list of your products and scrolls past the 8 that you have showing, this extension will automatically append the next set of 8 to the end of the previous 8. Basically it stops people from being forced to page through all of your products. As the scroll through the products on you site, they’re automatically shown more products. No more “Next” or “Previous” buttons. Infinite Scroll lets your customers scroll to infinity and beyond…all while staying on the same page. Still not sure what all of this means? Check out the Jigoshop Infinite Scroll extension here

View Jigoshop Infinite Scroll Extension