The ajax layered navigation widget is a front-end ajax-powered layered navigation widget for Jigoshop. It extends the standard Jigoshop Layered Navigation Widget which only provides links and dropdowns for display options and introduces some useful and visually appealing display alternatives such as color swatches, labels and checkboxes – all the things you see on popular websites that feature layered or faceted navigation. Plus, all of the widgets are ajax-powered, meaning that they’ll refresh the products list without performing a page refresh.

Once you install the Jigoshop Ajax Layered Navigation, you’ll be able to setup what type of layered navigation interface you’d like to use. You’ll have the option of: List, Color Selector, Size/Amount Selector, or Checkboxes. List and Checkboxes don’t have any additional options for setting them up other than the attribute to use, however Color Selector and Size/Amount Selector do and we’ll now show you what the options for each one of those are

  • Color Selector: When you select Color Selector as the Display Type in the widget, you’ll be presented with color pickers for each of the attribute values for that attribute. These color pickers define the swatches that you see on the frontend end.
  • Size / Amount Selector: When you select Size / Amount Selector as the Display Type in the widget, you’ll be presented with an input field for each attribute value of the selected attributed. This lets you create selectable, user-friendly tags on the front end for a better user experience. A good example of this might be sizes: Small = S, Medium = M, Large = L.

Once you’ve got all of your ajax enabled, layered navigation widgets setup on your site, you’ll definitely be able offer a richer user-experience to your customers and help them find the products their looking for more easily. The extension has been designed to work with as many Jigoshop and 3rd Party themes as possible. This really is a great addition to any website.

Change Log:

2012-04-19: 1.0.0 Initial release.

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