The Per Product Shipping Extension allows you to define shipping matrices for each product,  which are then combined during checkout for the total shipping cost for the order. The great thing about this extension is that it truly puts you in charge of your shipping costs at the product level.

Not only can you define the shipping cost per product, but you can also define a shipping matrix (or shipping table) per product. So you can say that if you buy one of Product A, it’ll cost $5 to ship, but if you buy 2-3 of Product A, then each additional one will only add an additional $1 to the shipping cost for that product. And quantities above three don’t add anything to the shipping cost.

Here’s how that might look:

Product A

Start Qty End Qty Shipping Price
1 1 5.00
2 3 1.00
4 &Up 0.00

Since you can define (1) default shipping matrix that your store uses, or each product can have it’s own shipping matrix,
this truly is a powerfull plugin that lets you control your shipping costs. It also works with variations! Each variation can have it’s own shipping matrix or they can inherit from the parent product’s shipping rate. With this much flexibility, you truly can take granular control of your shipping costs in Jigoshop.

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