The Advanced Product Autocomplete extension puts your entire catalog of products right at the fingertips of your customers. When the customer starts typing in their keyword, your site will go to work looking for matches for them. The products returned can be matched by Title, Content, and/or SKU. And, with a full range of necessary options, they will almost immediately have in front of them the information that you desire them to see.


The Advanced Product Autocomplete extension installs just like any other wordpress plugin. Simply upload the zip file through your administration section and activate the plugin. Once activated, go to your WooCommerce->Settings area and click on the General tab (if not already there). You will the available options listed at the bottom of that page under the heading “Advanced Product Autocomplete Options”.


This extension takes advantage of the already available WooCommerce Product Search widget.

Available options include:

  • Loading animation position. The animated spinner will appear as a background in your search box, decide if you want it on the left or right.
  • Loading animation. Choose from seven included spinners.
  • Minimum Characters. The number of characters your customers must type before the plugin starts searching for products. For sites with a large number of catalog items, a higher number is better.
  • Results box width. The results will show in a box directly below your search input field. By default, the box will match the width of the input field. In some instances (narrow sidebars, etc.), you might want or need the box to be wider. By specifying the number of pixels wide, you have more control over how your products are shown.
  • Results box left offset (pixels). When you manually specify the results box width, and depending on the location of the search box, the need might arise to pull the results box left.
  • Max Results. The maximum number of products to display via ajax.
  • Results display options. Choose the pieces of information to show the customer live when they search. Thumbnail, Price, SKU, and Excerpt (with a configurable number of characters) are available to display.
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