This extensions is currently being retooled to enhance functionality.

Easily lock the pages on your WordPress site from public browsing. You can sell access to pages, or simply require a customer to be logged in to get to the content.

Some possible uses:

  • Sell access to premium content or tutorials with your WooCommerce shop.
  • Sell products that require support? Lock your support page down from everyone except those that have a single completed order.
  • Allow customers to access product manuals and guides only after they purchase a specific product.
  • There are many, many more possibilites!
One usage we have found for it is to protect some of our extension user guide pages from visitors that haven’t purchased the product that goes with it.  Our Quickbooks Online Integration for WooCommerce extension has some very detailed instructions – but, you can only seem them if you are logged into your account and have already purchased the extension.  Try it for yourself:

You determine what the customer sees if they don’t qualify to see the post. There are two scenarios that would disallow someone from viewing the content: not logged in and hasn’t met the requirements.

Here’s how it works:

  • Edit the page (or post) that contains the content you want to lock down.
  • Determine the requirements to view the page:
    • User must be logged in (this is not optional. The customer information is needed to determine if they fit the rest of the criteria.)
    • Total minimum lifetime purchase amount value
    • Total minimum lifetime items purchased
    • Specific products or groups of products
  • If the customer meets the requirements you set, they will get access
  • If not, they will see one of two messages (both of which you setup):
    • a Not Logged In message, or
    • a Doesn’t Qualify message

In addition, you can choose whether you want the page/post comments to be visible – if the comments are useful, it may help entice others to purchase access to the content.

Installation and Setup:

The Premium Content Sales for WooCommerce extension installs just like any other wordpress plugin. Simply upload the zip file through your administration section and activate the plugin. Once activated, you should see a new meta box on all add/edit page for Pages and Posts. If you don’t see it, slide open the ‘Screen Lock’ drawer at the top of the add/edit page and make sure the box is checked for Page or Post lock. From there, simply configure the criteria for unlocking the page and save the post.

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