Take Control of Woocommerce’s Checkout

The Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce is an awesome new extension that lets you take control of the checkout fields. Not only can you add new fields and collect new customer data for each order, but you can also control pre-existing core fields. With this kind of functionality, you can remove fields that might cause customer grief and in-turn increase conversion rates for your store.

Probably the coolest feature with the Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce is the ability to add a jQuery powered, date picker to the checkout process. The application for this kind of functionality is pretty limitless, but one the first things that comes to mind is a delivery date field. Of course, you can also add additional standard html elements such as inputs, text areas and check boxes to truly build a checkout process that makes sense for your particular application.

What about core fields? Well, this is something that we went back and forth with – should you be able to edit core “required” fields. Those are the fields with a little red¬†asterisk¬†next to them during the checkout process. In terms of being able to place an order with some of those fields turned off, it’s perfectly ok. However, the question becomes, whether turning off some of those core fields could affect other 3rd party plugins. The answer here is that the potential is there, however not imminent. If you want to use the checkout field manager to disable some of those “required” fields that might not be required for your situation, it’s best to contact the authors of any additional 3rd party extensions that you’re using to see if the field that you want to disable is required by their extension. The main area where we could see this being an issue is with payment gateways and shipping methods.

Regardless, this is still a really cool woocommerce extension and you can take a look at it here:

WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager