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Are you looking for WooCommerce Integration with QuickBooks Point of Sales? WooCommerce / QBPOS Integration

How Does It Work?

Do any of your integrations carry a monthly charge?

No. All of our QuickBook’s Integration packages only require a one-time purchase price. There are no monthly fees.

Do you offer a setup service?

No. We currently do not offer a paid, setup service. We will provide basic setup documentation, but if you feel that any of the accounting and/or technical concepts covered in the documentation is beyond your level of comfort, it’s best to find a professional to assist with setup or use.

Do you have documentation on how to setup your plugins?

Yes. Documentation on how to setup / configure each extension can be found here:




Do you guarantee your plugin’s work?

Yes, all of our integration’s work with the version’s of each software listed above.

Does your QuickBooks Online integration update stock counts on the website?

No. Currently, the QuickBooks Online API does not support fetching / setting of on-hand counts for products.

Do your integrations work with QuickBooks by Reckon (Australia)?

No. Unfortunately. QuickBooks sold in Australia is made by Reckon and they do not offer an API to integrate with

Do your integrations transfer products from QuickBooks to the website?

No. Currently, product quantities and / or pricing is on the website is updated to match the values in QuickBooks based on the website sku matching the item name / number of the products in QuickBooks.

What QuickBooks “Item Types” do your integrations support?

Currently, the integrations support Inventory, Non-Inventory and Service items for the desktop Integrations.