Now includes Radio Buttons and Dropdowns!

The Checkout Field Manager is the perfect solution for those shop owners that need to customize the the checkout experience of Jigoshop, This useful extension allows you to add, re-order and disable non-required fields from the Jigoshop checkout, which lets you create a more meaningful experience for your customers. You can also change the width and orientation of the fields meaning, maybe you want First Name and Last Name  to each take up and entire row – no problem, because this extension can do.  The easy to use interface features intuitive options that let you:

  1. Add custom css
  2. Choose field type
  3. Define placeholder text
  4. Specify whether the field is required
  5. Re-order using a drag-and-drop interface

Not only that, but the extension introduces a new option: datepicker. The date picker field type lets you use an easy-to-use jQuery data picker during the checkout as well which makes for a convenient way to collect date information pertaining to the order.

What good is it?

The extension lets you capture custom information about your customer’s order and carry that information through to the order order emails and admin sections. Let’s say you wanted to offer your customer’s a delivery-date option. You can easily create a new delivery date  field that will show a date picker during checkout where the customer can pick what day they want their order delivered. This is just one example, and I’m sure that you’ve already got many more potential uses in your mind

Where does the info go?

The additional information that you collect with each order is displayed in the admin order management screen for the order, the customer’s account history order page, and the order notification emails as well, which is why the Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager truly is a must-have extension for your store.

E-Commerce Package


Product Type

User Experience

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Required Jigoshop Version

1.11.1 or newer