The 61Extensions business was dissolved/shut down, as of Feb 03, 2017. Unfortunately, their products are no longer supported, and they left many users stranded by not offering an alternative solution or support – and simply shutting down. However, this domain has been brought back to life – to help direct old 61Extensions users to alternate QuickBooks integrations.

Why did 61Extensions go under? Most likely due to their low pricing, questionable business practices (see BBB) and lack of a stable integration for QuickBooks. Since their products are no longer supported, it’s highly dangerous to be continuing to run them – as they add security risks to a WooCommerce site, will no longer be compatible with new versions of WooCommerce and have no support to back them up.

However, there are other integration options for QuickBooks, and luckily these options have been around for a while and are proven solutions. The leading solution provider is MyWorks Sync – a full circle WooCommerce and QuickBooks sync, with no sync limits, a robust platform, proven support, and continuous updates. They have fair and competitive pricing that provides value for your business with a tried and true sync.

Check out MyWorks Sync – a better QuickBooks integration.