Yesterday, we rolled out an update for our Woocommerce Checkout Field Manager extension that empowers shop owners even more!  We fixed a few minor bugs that had been reported by a couple customers and we added some great features!

Enhanced Checkout Date Picker

One thing we commonly get asked is how to modify the behavior of the Date Picker field type.  What we’ve done in the past is to give those folks a small piece of code, that they can put in their functions.php file, which will cause their date picker to function as they desire.

With the latest update (1.0.15), options for your date picker appear immediately after saving the field.  The options are Date Format, Minimum Date, Maximum Date, and Days to Disable!  Now, if your checkout requires a date that has strict requirements around what can be selected, you can achieve just about any scenario – at least that we’ve encountered in talking with our customers.


This update also sees the addition of a “Heading” field.  This field allows you to break down the differing areas of your checkout by labeling them with a heading.  The heading doesn’t collect or store any data, it is simply used to give some meaning to fields that follow it.

Additional Fields Section

Possibly the biggest update to the extension is the ability to add fields outside of the billing and shipping fields.  This area surrounds and includes the ‘Order Notes’ field that is part of Woocommerce by default.  This is the perfect area for adding details that are specific to each individual order – in contrast to billing and shipping fields, which retain their values across purchases, the ‘Additional’ section  will always be available to fill out fresh when a returning customer makes a purchase.